Custom iron on Patches

Everything you should know about Iron on Patches

What is Iron on Patch?

An iron-on patch is a decorative piece of fabric with an adhesive backing that can be affixed to clothing, bags, or other textiles by using heat. These patches often feature colorful designs, logos, patterns, or images that allow individuals to personalize their items or cover up minor imperfections

How to apply iron on patches?

To apply an iron-on patch, you place it on the desired surface, cover it with a cloth, and then use a household iron to apply heat. The heat activates the adhesive on the back of the patch, causing it to bond with the fabric. This provides a quick and easy way to add a creative and customized touch to various items without the need for sewing.

How durable are iron on Patches?

Iron-on patches offer moderate durability, suitable for adding style to clothing and accessories. Their lifespan depends on factors like patch quality, fabric type, care during application, and washing methods. While they can withstand regular use and washing, sewn-on patches may offer greater longevity for items subjected to more wear and tear.

Bulk order on Iron on Patche

At Embrolab, we have the resources to create custom orders in bulk for you and your organization. We operate on an economy of scale and ordering in bulk can save you money as larger orders have a smaller cost per patch. a common problem for Embrolab customers is that they often have to place a second order to ask for extras after they see how nicely their custom design looks once finished.

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